Use affiliates to get cashback on eCommerce shopping

Are you someone who can’t wait for the Amazon or Flipkart sale to begin and put on your shopping hat? Or you shop for (almost) all your major needs like grocery, medicines and more via eCommerce, irrespective of the offers?

Apart from the regular discounts they offer and using wallets to get cashbacks and discounts, here is another way you can get additional cashbacks —Use affiliates to to the website where you want to shop.

Get Cashback on eCommerce shopping - Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra

There are several affiliate websites which can help you get a good deal. The way they work is that they send traffic to the eCommerce website and get a commission for referring the users and enabling purchase. Many of these affiliates pass on the benefit to the end customer in form of cashbacks.

In India, some of the affiliates you can use are Cashkaro, GoPaisa, Cash Pe Cash on JioMoney and many more.

Most of these cashbacks work on (mobile/ desktop) websites only (and not Apps). Cashback rates usually varies according to product category and the website and are usually a function of the product margins. So you may get say, 1% cashback on buying a mobile phone, 5% for buying medicines of groceries, or even 25% cashback for buying clothes online. On some good offer days, you may end up getting even close to 100 % cashback.

So, next time you shop on eCommerce websites, try going via an affiliate.

As they say, money saved is money earned. So shopping via affiliates may be a good way to earn money, albeit a small loose change, but still …


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