3 questions to ask before doing asset allocation

Different people can have different asset allocation strategies. And all these can be right at the same time. You need to choose the asset allocation strategy that best suits your needs. What are the different asset classes you can invest in? And what is the ideal asset allocation strategy?

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10 lifestyle traps that you should be wary of

Chasing lifestyle may be good for your self esteem, but chasing it indiscriminately without worrying much about your finances can soon put you on the road to financial doom. Unfortunately, this can happen even if you have lot of money to begin with. It is not uncommon to hear of celebrities occasionally going bankrupt. Isn’t […]

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How can lifestyle inflation derail your financial plan?

Whether one admits it or not – most of our lifestyle needs are inflationary in nature. This is in addition to the inflation that affects our day to day lives. As life progresses one may feel the need to get better house, better cars, better facilities for kids, better vacations, more healthcare needs and so […]

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