How to get cashback on online shopping?

Cashbacks are an amazing way to save money while shopping. More so while you do online shopping. In addition to regular deals and discounts, you can get cashback if you go via affiliates. This way you can get cashback on your online shopping, over and above your regular deals.

Some of the popular affiliate networks offering cashback on online shopping in India are CashkaroGopaisa, Pennyful etc.

cashback on ecommerce shopping


I, for instance, use Cashkaro for my online shopping as far as possible. It is the Indian arm of UK based Pouring Pounds. Most of the times, one can manage to get cashback on some popular eCommerce sites like Amazon & Flipkart (and many more places!). These cashbacks are not just limited to shopping. You can get cashback on things as diverse as travel booking, credit card applications, online gaming etc!

How can you benefit from Cashkaro (or any cashback sites)?

Here are few ways:

  • Before doing regular ongoing shopping, visit the website via Cashkaro. Read terms and conditions before proceeding to be aware of inclusions and exclusions in the deal. For instance, in some cases a particular payment method may not be eligible for cashback!
  • Sometimes their emailers share really good deals. Be on lookout for that. Now you can also get deals via WhatsApp!
  • Be on lookout for deals where you can get close to 100% cashback (and an occasional cashback of more than 100 percent!). A combination of website based deals and cashback can add up to that number. 
  • Once you have enough cashbacks, get the money in your bank account (or as gift voucher)
  • They have a referral system, which allows you to get a small percent of cashback which your friends earn. You can keep earning these cashbacks as long as your friends shop!


Few caveats-

You should keep few things in mind while chasing cashbacks on online shopping:

  • Most of these cashback work on desktop/ mobile website but usually not on Apps. Be aware of that. 
  • Most of the times you should start with an empty cart when you visit from Cashkaro to the eCommerce portal and then add products to your cart
  • Getting cashback on shopping is good. But beware of doing shopping only for the sake of cashback! If you get Rs. 500 cashback on shopping for Rs. 1000 – you can view it as saving Rs. 500 or spending Rs. 500!

Happy shopping. Happy saving!!


Note- This is not an partnered/ guest post. I have been a user of this (and similar services) and find them good to get cashbacks and save money! However, this post contains referral link(s).



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