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Here is a bit about me:

My name is Nikesh Rathi. I am just another regular human being residing somewhere in India. Someone who likes to observe things and interested in human behavior especially about how they approach their finances. I question the assumptions about financial planning and investing. With thisĀ  blog, I intend to make and help people make informed financial decisions.

I do NOT offer any services about financial planning or investing. Nor do I claim anything written here is gospel truth. I try to keep learning, I keep making mistakes and hope to learn from those mistakes.

With BeingFinWise, I intend to share my thoughts & observations on topics like personal finance, investing, financial planning and financial independence, among similar other topics.

I’ll love to get reactions & feedback on the blog posts, and get inputs on how can I add more value. You can leave a comment or get in touch with me at rathinikesh@gmail.com or Twitter @beingfinwise


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