5 tips to save money on grocery shopping

Grocery shopping is almost like a constant variable in your monthly expenses! It is one kind of shopping that needs to happen once in every few days and there is no way out, unless you are willing to eat out for a prolonged period of time. Thanks to options provided by supermarkets these days, it is very easy for your grocery shopping budget to shoot up even without you realizing it. What are some tips you can follow to save money on grocery shopping?

Here are few!


save money while doing grocery shopping

5 tips to save money on grocery shopping

1 Create a list before shopping and try to stick to it.

Grocery shopping in a supermarket (or even otherwise) can soon lead you on a impulse buying spree, which you may realize only at the checkout counter. In fact, most stores are designed to facilitate impulse buying. You may end up buying things which are unnecessary or expensive or both. One way to counter that is to create a shopping list. Stick to the items in the list and avoid the other things, most of which may be unnecessary.

2 Make it a rule not to waste food at home.

The more you waste food, the more you will be OK with wasting and the more you’ll probably shop since you are OK with wasting. But if you avoid wasting or throwing away things, you will probably think twice before buying seemingly unnecessary things. A step before not throwing away or wasting things is being OK with storing & reusing dinner for next day’s breakfast/ lunch or reusing leftovers from lunch in that day’s dinner. If you are not OK with re-use, budget the quantity and prepare meals. But avoid wasting as a rule. Not only it is unnecessary, it also helps save money!

3 Deals and offers are good, but don’t overdo it.

Be lookout for deals an discounts. Often there are promotions on specific days of the month. Or some payment partner may be having a great deal. However, avoid overdoing this as, if uncontrolled, this can lead you to buy unnecessary things just to be eligible for promotion (e..g. In a promotion like – 5% cashback on spending Rs. 2500, you may end up buying unnecessary stuff to be eligible for promotion. Is this saving worth the additional cost?)

4 Don’t shop when you are hungry.

Shopping while you are hungry often leads you to buy things, especially food that are unnecessary. A good chunk of this unnecessarily bought food will probably be unhealthy and junk stuff. Things like chips, soda, cookies etc., which don’t do your health and pocket much good, are more likely to go in hungry people’s shopping bags! Try doing grocery shopping post lunch or dinner some day (in case you do it before lunch/ dinner) and see if it makes any difference.
5 With larger list, calculate your bill amount while shopping.
Keep a mental count of the billing accrued while picking stuff from market. Especially, if you have a long shopping list. This will help you avoid last minute surprises. This is also good for exercising your brain muscles. List help of your kid(s) if possible. This way you can avoid exceeding your budget and indulge in a mini-mental exercise too!
Have any other tips in mind which can help save money on grocery shopping?
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