10 tips to save money during vacation

Taking a vacation is rarely an inexpensive proposition. It entails lot of planning (monetary and otherwise) and often a discipline of savings (though it is not uncommon to see people taking a loan for a vacation) and maybe a few sleepless nights – sometimes in excitement of the vacation and sometimes in getting things sorted.

And while it is important to enjoy the vacation (After all, that’s usually the purpose!) it can be an amazing thing if you are able to save money during vacation & not miss out on the enjoyment part too!

10 tips to save money during vacation

Here are 10 tips to save money during vacation.

  1. Use homestays/ Airbnb – More so if you are traveling with a group. They usually provide an amazing experience with lot of local flavor and good deal of personalizaition. And they usually cost less than fancy hotels. 
  2. Check for deals & discounts while booking – Be it flight tickets or hotel bookings or any tourist attraction. Be on lookout for deals ever since you zero in on the destination. Sometimes it may pay to not rush through and wait for few days before booking hotels/ local tours and wait for the deals.  Be on lookout for deals on deals & cashback portals.
  3. Plan well in advance – The more you delay, more you are likely to get expensive air tickets (especially in last few days/ weeks leading to travel date). However, you can book hotels/ Airbnb closer to the travel date, unless you are expecting a real rush.
  4. Be local/ travel local – Walk around. Take public transport. Limit use of cabs only to necessary things. That way you can save money, as well as be more immersed in the local.
  5. Negotiate price directly with the hotel – Not all prices listed on travel sites and aggregators  are the lowest. And you can get some good add-ons too if you book directly with the hotel.
  6. Be aware about the transport cost – Before you realize, you may end up spending an exorbitant amount of money on airport transport, cabs etc.
  7. Avoid peak season – While peak season has its advantages, you typically end up paying lot more for tickets, accommodation, food, local experiences – almost everything. On the other hand off-peak season is probably off-peak due to a good reason (e.g. weather!). One way to balance can be to go just before the peak season starts or just after it ends.
  8. Make use of loyalty programs. – Use your credit card points or airlines loyalty program if you are a frequent flyer.  And yes, some hotels have good loyalty programs too! If you are a frequent traveler (business or otherwise), then it shouldn’t be too difficult to find out good loyalty programs & benefit from it.
  9. Food  & water– Carry some food, especially snacks  – especially for the moments when you are likely to be hungry in between meals and will probably pay exorbitantly for something half-decent to eat. Have a sumptuous breakfast, especially if the breakfast buffet spread is free. And yes, water too. If need be, buy water at the local supermarket. It’s cheaper than paying few times the price at a restaurant of your hotel (if it’s not free!)
  10. Take tours that are most relevant to you, not necessarily the most popular ones. Sometimes, in pursuit of the most popular place, you may end up spending lot of money and not enjoying also. Also, be aware of tourist traps at these places – you may end up paying more for things that may cause a fraction elsewhere.


Different people have different purpose while traveling & taking a vacation.  Depending upon your purpose of travel & priorities during the trip, you can always benefit from some tips to save money during vacation.

However, vacation is much more than saving money. So, don’t let it become the sole purpose of vacation!

Have any other travel hacks in mind?

So share your tips to save money during vacation!



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